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How to determine what wedding dress to pick and features you want attached to it. Don't forget that you need to choose right according to your body shape

SILHOUETTE - The overall shape that your dress would create on your body when it's being worn.

Mermaid Dresses -  They flatter your body shape and sensual. It Highlights your natural curves and simultaneously flares out. It hugs the body down to the hips

A Line Dresses - Always creating a slimmer waist line while flattering your bust

Ball Dresses - it's the fairy tale dress. It's snatches the waist line and hide your lower trunk.

Fit and flare Wedding Dress - Looking for sexy? It is more body hugging

Column Wedding Dress -

NOW TO THE NECK LINE- Are you petite? Go with a slimmer neckline.

V Neck -  For b and C cup bride's and mid short. A deep V cut is always sexy, while a high V cut is modest. The basic V cuts a nicer with sleeves.

Scoop Neck - It is has a round effect infront and skins the top of the bust always creating a flattering illusion.

Boat Neck - Can also be called Sabrina neck line. It's from one tip of the shoulder to the other. This neck line can be tagged 'modest'.

Off the shoulder Neck - This draws instant attention and have started becoming one of the most sort after. It is normally comes as a line across the shoulder

One shoulder Neck - It drapes towards one shoulder. It's lovely on women with narrow shoulders and very slim arms. It would also look nice on women with delicate collarbone.

Tube - there are no straps involved. It's beautiful on women with medium sized bust. It also has different shapes

Square Neckline - I see them as regular. They can also be tagged as chic and modest. As the name implies it is always a square shape.

Backless - it is opened back. It can be seen as sexy. The front of this dress is usually double lined for extra covering.

Halter Neck -  Just sits beautifully well on women with longer necks. The have both straps on both sides meeting together at the back of the neck into 1.

Spaghetti Neck -  Very delicate straps with no sleeves. Not so a brilliant selection for brides endowed shoulders and neck. It can make you look youthful



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